Poker in France

No one is really one hundred percent sure about the history of poker. The reason for this is because the game has gone through so many changes throughout history that trying to figure out when the first actual game of poker was played is an impossible task. Most historians feel that the game we now call poker was most likely developed in France and/or Germany.

Most historians feel that when individuals emigrated from France to the United States and Canada they made sure that one of the things they packed was a deck of cards. Not only were the cards small and easy to transport, they also provided the immigrants with something to do during the long sea voyage to their new home. Once the game was introduced to the United States and Canada it quickly spread from one coast to the other, and eventually evolved into the game we currently know and play.

There was a period of time when poker was not the most popular activity in France but that is steadily starting to change. Today a large chunk of the population is taking an active interest in the game and looking into ways that they can improve their own skills. There are a couple of different reasons behind the renewed interest in the game of poker for the French.

One of the biggest reasons that so many people are starting to play poker in France is because this is the first time that games have been readily available. The creation of the online casino means that the French citizens can play as much poker in their own home as they want to and not have to worry about what their neighbors or family member’s think about them. They can choose to play all night long, or to just jump on the computer for a couple of minutes and play a few hands. The online casinos are also a great way for one poker player in France to connect with a whole group of peers who happen to share their love of the game and to test their skills in high stakes tournaments.

Another reason that poker is becoming a more popular French tradition is because of televised events. Just like Americans, the French love to see celebrities and with poker tournaments being televised, the professionals that play the game are developing celebrity status. This is adding a sense of glamor and style to the game of chance, plus there is also the added incentive that if a person gets good enough, they might be able to play in a game with their favorite players.

If a French player is planning on playing poker professionally, they need to pay careful attention to the laws regarding the sport. The ones that are going to be the most important are any changes that could be made regarding the taxation of any winnings the individual might earn. If the player is found guilty of non-compliance with these laws, they could find themselves in serious trouble with the French government. Find more details on the laws in France at